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Stupid Fancy - The most stupidly expensive outfit ever.

The cheapest item in the set is the epaulettes priced at $1,395.00. The whole thing added up came out to $210,510.00. I was hoping I might be able to make a million dollar outfit but I think disgustingly expensive enough. Surprisingly enough, most of the really, REALLY expensive clothing items I found were actually quite ugly…like that shirt. Seriously, who would look good in a shirt covered in do-dads with a big slit up one side of the front? That shirt costs $10,675.00, man!The necklace is another ridiculous item. Sure, it’s cute but it’s not $46,150 cute! If I’m going to buy a necklace for that kind of coin, it had better be mind blowingly unique not like something any amateur jewellery maker could conceive of. Um…the earrings are beautiful and I quite like the epaulettes. The rest is just crass.

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